Ballyfermot Training Centre Collaboration with Blood Bikes

The Blood Bikes East collaboration with Ballyfermot Training Centre, part of the City of Dublin Education and Training Board (CDETB), allows apprentices to learn and simultaneously provide free services to Blood Bikes East.

This collaboration culminated in the addition of two motorbikes to the fleet which were prepped and resprayed to while at no cost to the charity. The new motorbikes were urgently needed to replace older vehicles that were becoming less reliable as they aged, however, the new vehicles had to be repainted white in preparation for the fitting of the official BBE livery and emergency lighting.

This has, in the past, used vital funds that could otherwise have been put to better use in fueling the vehicles, and therefore answer more emergency calls for the delivery of blood, blood products, breast milk, medical products, samples for testing, test results and transplant related tissues between hospitals.