Vacancy Notification Form

Vacancy Notification


Ballyfermot Training Centre has worked closely with local employers for many years, building up extensive on-going relationships. These successful relationships have resulted in training options being delivered on an annual basis ensuring employers have access to highly skilled and motivated employees.

Our traineeship courses incorporate 10 weeks work experience.  These are courses like Healthcare, Medical Administration, and Retail Associate.

Our other courses incorporate a work experience/placement period to ensure learners have the opportunity to consolidate their learning in a working environment.  This is anywhere from two to four weeks.

We can connect you with potential candidates who meet your employment needs.

If you have a vacancy, or are willing to offer a work experience opportunity please contact the Training Centre, who will endeavour to source suitable candidates.  Arrangements can be made for you to visit the training centre and visit courses where potential candidates are currently up-skilling. Candidates can then be interviewed in the Training Centre if preferred.